Welcome to the Homepage of the 2018 Addix Great American Giveback Military/First Responder Tribute Contest

Thank you to the communities involved for their initiative to honor our Military and First Responders. Our armed forces and first responders are people that keep us safe everyday and they deserve our support! Your cause can go toward military appreciation, first responder appreciation, or charities that support our nation's heroes such as the Wounded Warrior Project. 

Semifinals - Links and Rules

Facebook - Coming 7:00PM EST on 7/22

Twitter - Coming 7:00PM EST on 7/22

Instagram - Coming 7:00PM EST on 7/22

The semifinals will consist of 16 teams and will begin on July 22nd at 7:00PM EST and end at 2:00AM EST July 26th.

The FOUR teams with the highest number of Twitter votes, Facebook comments, and Instagram comments will ADVANCE to the semifinals. 

The TWELVE teams with the lowest Twitter votes, Facebook comments, and unique Instagram comments as of 2:00AM EST July 26th will be ELIMINATED.



Bridgeport Football - This will be for a Veterans game to honor those who served this country and for the falling soldiers. I really feel this a positive thing our community. And it will be for our homecoming game. This will be for football.

Carson City-Crystal Football - Military/First Responders

Clio Volleyball - The cause that the Clio High School Volleyball program would like to enter is the Military First/Responder Appreciation.

Coopersville Wrestling - This is for our wrestling program. Our wrestling tournament will honor our military and first reaponders. Each team will wear a uniform that represents a division of the military. No school participating will wear their school uniforms. We will have a grand march and plan to raise money to help our area veterans.

Decatur Central Wrestling - Every year, the Decatur Central High School Wrestling Team sponsors a Military Appreciation dual meet. We take this opportunity to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, as well as to, honor our local current and past military members at the dual. Last year, we sold t-shirts to help raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. We honored two veterans and their families, live, during the event.
If we win your contest, we would like to make this event even more special by wearing designated singlets kept just for the Military Appreciation night.

Durand Football - Every year we organize an "Operation Freedom" game to support out local VFW. All monies raised goes directly to them. We have had to purchase new uniforms for that specific game each year. We raffle off at the VFW, game worn jerseys for each winner. We would love to be able to use Addix for our Operation Freedom game this year!

Hartland Wrestling  - We would be love to support Military/First Responders. Would be great for our our Assembly Dual to start the season with CC.

Little Village Football - This game will be for the Military/First Responder Cause game. Our football team would like to honor the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire Department, along with our local members of the armed forces.

Mason Football - Our football team is looking at recognizing military veterans at a game this fall. This will be the first time we have tried this. Our head coach is in his second year and retired from the Air Force.

Montrose (Hill-McCloy) Football - This will be our first Military Appreciation Game. Because of recent events, we will be raising money for Mission22. Along with the game jerseys we are auctioning off 10 additional jerseys. If we got free jerseys we would raise a whole lot more money for Mission22.

North Branch Football - For our week #3 varsity football game vs Yale HS on September 7th, we will honor Veterans. Each football player will be wearing a special game jersey with a honored veterans name on it. Following the game we will have a ceremony presenting the worn game jersey to the honored veteran.

Plymouth Christian Academy Basketball - We have game nights during basketball season called “Biggie Friday’s” where we play 4 games in one night with a conference opponent. JV Girls, JV boys, Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys.

I think it may be cool to do a Military/First Responder Appreciation Night and have all four Varsity teams both Home and away in Addix Military/First Responder gear (Similar to what Michigan State and North Carolina in the “Carrier Classic”). All Varsity players for boys and girls would be about 50 people (average of at least 12 per team). So all could be a part of it..and we would be able to extend an invitation to our local military and first responders to attend the game free if charge and donate our gates/concession to a specific organization.

Royal Oak Football - Each year we do a "Salute to Service" game to honor our veterans, police officers, firefighters, ems, first responders. We join with another school and make this event one in which we remember those that have paid the ultimate price, as well as honor those that are here serving us today.

Salesian Football - We have a lot of Alumni that are veterans or are currently serving in the military. I feel this would be a great way to honor them.

Snowflake Football - Our football team for the past four years has done a 9/11 night. Our school allows military and first responders into the game for free. Our entire team will run out on the field with American Flags. At half time our student council does a tribute and has a giant rodeo flag that the students pull for this tribute. This was started by our football players and student council, we as coaches just supported the idea. We don't have the budget to get these jerseys, so winning this would be a big deal to our students and to our football players.
Thank you for your consideration

Sumner Academy Football - The Sumner Academy football program would like to honor several coaches who have served in the military and in police department. We also have many alumni, community members, and supporters who are also first responders that would be invited to this special game.
We want our three coaches to be the most impacted and appreciated with this game. The first is coach is Marcus Nolan. He has completed three tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq and is still active in the Army. Our second coach, Steve Williams, has been a Kansas City, Kansas police officer for almost 30 years and is set to retire in August of 2018. Our last coach is Sumner Academy football's longest tenured coach, Richard Gleichman. Coach Gleichman has been a teacher and coach in Kansas City, Kansas for 50 years. He also served in the armed forces prior to coaching.

General Rules

- Each cause game category will have ONE winning school.

- Each winning school will receive 50 custom designed cause game uniform items (all must be the same item, example: 50 football jerseys, 50 volleyball jerseys)

- Schools may enter in all five categories, but CAN ONLY WIN ONE.