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Cancer Awareness

Arkoma Football - We have a cancer awareness football game every year during football season. Most schools push pink out during October, but we feel that every cancer is important so we do lavender And recognize everyone that’s battling this horrible disease!  

Baldwin - Community awareness - We partner with the local health services and deadicate that week games  for  cancer awareness. 

Bay City Western Wrestling - Cancer Awareness

Belding - Would like to do a "Pink Knights" dual, wrestling

Bremen High School - Tackle Childhood Cancer for Rileys children's hospital.  Indiana high school football has partnered with this group to raise funds. This is a growing awareness game to provide funds for specific genomic testing in children with cancer.  The game will take place anytime in September.  

Brown City Football - Breast Cancer Awareness - Pink Out Game

Byron Wrestling - Cancer Awareness

Byron Center Football - The Bite Cancer Foundation was created in October of 2016 by Byron Center Football coach Marc Cisco and his wife Anji. The Bite Cancer Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 foundation whose mission is to support Byron Center families that are actively battling cancer. The funds raised by the Bite Cancer Foundation are gifted directly to families in need. With the mantra "One Community, One Family," the Bite Cancer Foundation is working to bring awareness of the power of a unified community battle. The Foundation's main event is the Bite Cancer Football Game that takes place at Waddell Field in Byron Center. During this game, much of the community is wearing neon yellow Bite Cancer t-shirts to show their support for the Foundation and anyone battling cancer. In the Bite Cancer game, Byron Center football players forego their customary black jerseys to wear neon yellow jerseys adorned with an honoree's name on the back. The jerseys are then presented to the honoree or family members of the honoree during a post-game celebration. The Foundation sells shirts and collects donations throughout the year, with the main push coming at this game. The Bite Cancer Football Game brings the community together in the name of supporting any family that is battling cancer, and shows everyone in attendance that Byron Center truly is “One Community, One Family.”

Canton-Salem Wrestling - Cancer Awareness

Canyon View Basketball - Cancer has been a destructive element in my family and it is a cause that is close to my heart. I am head coach of the boys basketball program at CVHS, which is a brand new high school opening it's doors this August in Waddell, Arizona

Carrollton Football - As a Football Program at Carrollton HS we have been sponsoring our Cancer Awareness Game for the past 7 years.  This game always takes place in October with our players wearing everything from wrist bands, to mouthpieces, to shoe laces, to tape in pink.  We also select a member of our community who is either currently receiving cancer treatment or in remission from their cancer as our Honorary Game Captain.  We read a short bio on this individual and have them participate in the pre-game functions with our team captains and the call the choice for the coin toss.  This has always been a tremendous event for both our Football Program and The Carrollton Community. If we could secure pink jerseys to wear for this game that would put this event, “Over The Top!”

Clarkston Wrestling - Wrestling in honor of a wrestling family member.

Clio Wrestling - Cancer Awareness

Coldwater Purple Games - Last year our varsity, JV & Freshman football teams joined together & wore purple jerseys that had the names of the person they were playing for on the back for our first annual purple game to help raise money for cancer awareness. We were able to raise $6000 in a short amount of time. This year we are wanting the event to be even bigger so we are including all fall sports to participate: volleyball, soccer, swimming, cross country & golf. Any help that we could get to make our event even better would be awesome!!!

Crane Medical Prep Girls Basketball - Pink Game for breast cancer awareness. We plan to honor breast cancer survivors during halftime of our girls basketball game.

Crane Medical Prep Football - Cancer Awareness

Crane Medical Prep Boys Basketball - Still working on our schedule but a conference game against a close rival like Marshall or North Lawndale would be great. The Chicago basketball community is tight-knit but is often disrupted by gun violence and other outside factors. Bringing the community together around a common cause like cancer could be a great community building event for our players

Crossroads Charter Academy Basketball - This is be our 10th year of doing a Cougars vs. Cancer basketball game.  This is one of the biggest events we host all year.  Our school and community members provide items to be auctioned and donations to support this cause.  We would love for Addix to come along side us and make this an even bigger event.

Flagstaff Football - Cancer awareness. We have multiple cancer survivor parents and families that have lost loved ones to cancer

Fort Madison Football - Cancer Awareness

Fowler Football - We are a small 6 man school and every year we promote breast cancer awareness like many schools across the country do. We wear as much pink as we can, from head to toe and include the ribbon on our helmet. We are a very limited funded school so most everything is done out of pocket. I am the current assistant coach and I purchase socks, sleeves, tape and stickers out of pocket for the kids to wear during our game! I have also purchased special coaching shirts in the past that are pink to involve everyone. I purchase pink paint and hand paint, like always, our beloved “F” at midfield prior to the game! 

Freeland Football - We do a "Clash for Cure" that helps all affected by the many different cancers.

Fulton Football - We are a small school trying to keep 11 man football going. I was hoping something like this would help get kids out to play. We have been doing an all cancer game and I think having uniforms to go with this game would just help bring awareness and also help celebrate survivors in our community. 

Garden City - We would LOVE to host a cancer awareness game.  Usually we do one with Pink socks but it would really be great to have the Jerseys as part of that.

George Washington - I am the varsity poms coach at George Washington High School.  We are a low income high school on the south east side of Chicago. This will be my third year coaching. For football season in October, we raise awareness for breast cancer. Breast cancer is a horrible disease, and unfortunately the gene can run in families.  These jersey's would mean a lot to our school because we can have a  pink out game the whole school can participate in, and bring together our community for a great cause!

Grand Ledge Wrestling - Susan G Komen fight against Cancer

Grandville Wrestling - Would like to do a cause tournament for pancreatic cancer. 

Hackett Catholic Prep - Cancer Awareness

Hillsdale Football - We do a breast cancer awareness game on Friday Night and then our powderpuff game the following night.

Holly Football - We have been running a PINK game since 2013. We have raised over 35,000 dollars to date.

Hudson Wrestling - Cancer Awareness and Research

Hudsonville Football - I know that cancer affects a lot of people. I graduated from Hudsonville High School and always wanted to do a game to support cancer. I told myself that someday I’m going to make sure that a support game will happen at Hudsonville. Winning this would mean the world to me and our entire school. I want to do everything I can to give back and this is something big. I played in the Addix All-Star Game supporting Gilda's Club this year and it felt great knowing that it was for a good cause. This would be for the football team. 

Ionia Football - This will be the 9th year that Ionia has played a purple game. All money made stays in the community to help cancer fighters and survivors

Ionia Wrestling - Cancer Awareness

Jonesville Football - Football pink game. All money raised by players goes to Motts Children’s Hospital

Leslie - Would like to the pink hawk dual, wrestling.

Leto Football - The sport in question is football. Our cause game is for cancer awareness. I always ask my players if they know anyone who has ever been affected by cancer and every time all my kids raise their hands. People suffer losses to this dreadful disease more than normal and it is ok for people to have certain emotions toward it. I lost my father to brain cancer when I was 10 years old. I am currently 29 and it still hurts to this day.  Recognizing that cancer is real and make take people away from us who we love, is truly important. My team wears pink during the month of October to show awareness for cancer. But there are often times when my players want to wear pink and they do understand why they do so. I like to educate them on what cancer is and the many types out there. In order for any of my players to wear pink during October, they must donate 5 dollars. After all players have donated the money, we collect it all and donate it to a charitable cause because it means more to the kids when they can see what they’ve given is making a difference to those who truly need it. The 5 dollars goes a long way in the grand scheme of things. 

Livonia Franklin Wrestling - Cancer, Wrestling, for the Livonia city meet.

Mason Soccer - Our varsity soccer team plays Okemos in a Compete for a Cause Game with money raised going to pediatric cancer research.  The game raised over $50,000 last year.

Millington Football - Cancer Awareness

Muskegon Reeths-Puffer Wrestling - Wrestling, Rick Stenberg Invitational (in memory of Tyler Stenberg's father) 

New Haven - We do an annual game on Cancer in October. We raise money for Henry Ford Hospitals Game on Cancer. This is a non-profit that Henry Ford Hospital and the Detroit Lions created to help cancer patients with the expenses associated with cancer treatment. We do it in honor of Rev. John L. Mack who recently lost his battle with Cancer.

North Farmington/Harrison Lacrosse - Our cause would be breast cancer or lymphoma cancer awareness and our sport is boys lacrosse

Ogemaw Heights - Our cause game is honor of any who had cancer. We had a former coach who passed away from cancer and we honor his family at the football game. We also send $500 check to then toward their scholarship fund. We call it our purple game. 

Olivet Volleyball - Our volleyball team plays an awareness game for cancer, but our players play for a specific person in the Olivet Community. We get uniforms that say the person who was affected by cancer's name on the back of our jerseys. When we announce the players' name, we also announce who they are playing for. We as a school system have had a lot of students, parents, teachers, and relatives that have been affected by cancer. Our volleyball team plays and supports those who are going through the troubling time that is cancer. 

Perry Wrestling - Cancer Awareness

Pinconning Wrestling - Cancer Awareness

Princeton Football - Cancer Awareness

Rincon/University High School - Cancer Awareness

Royal Oak High School - We run a cancer awareness game each year to raise money for a local family that is in need of help in our community.  This family has children in our schools and this game helps them a great deal.  

Saginaw Heritage Cross Country - If we won, we would wear our cause game uniforms at our October cross country Invitational to honor Joanna who was a Heritage student and cross country athlete who endured brain cancer throughout high school, overcoming several bouts, and still maintaining high marks in the classroom as well as continuing to run when she was well enough to.  Joana lost her fight in her sophomore year of college, but she taught us that life is to short not to smile - she stays an inspiration to all that knew her and to us as a cross country family.

Springfield Softball - I coach middle school softball. Last season we wore black and pink for our cause game but would live to support this cause in any way possible.

St. Ignace Basketball - We have an annual Hooping for a Cure Basketball Game in January/February every year, and we would really like your help in making this event continue.  We have raised over $150,000.00 for our oncology department!

TC Howe - Late in the season last year we lost a close member of our program, Michelle Aquino to a rare form of liver cancer.  She was a driving force for our parent club and did all of our marketing for the program.  Her husband and assistant coach, Francis Aquino, a 4x NCAA All-American wrestler is a key contributor to our program which resulted in several CIF State medalists in the past 7 years.  This year, we’d love to work with you to help honor her memory in the 2018-19 season.  

Union Area - Cancer Awareness

Vacaville High School - Late in the season last year we lost a close member of our program, Michelle Aquino to a rare form of liver cancer.  She was a driving force for our parent club and did all of our marketing for the program.  Her husband and assistant coach, Francis Aquino, a 4x NCAA All-American wrestler is a key contributor to our program which resulted in several CIF State medalists in the past 7 years.  This year, we’d love to work with you to help honor her memory in the 2018-19 season.  

Vicksburg Football - Cancer Awareness

Wayne Memorial - Cancer Awareness. Varsity football vs cross town rival, Westland John Glenn, on 10/12/18.

Yale Wrestling - Cancer Awareness


Battle Creek Central Football - The Bearcats will be playing in honor of a player.

Clarenceville Football - At Clarenceville the cause that moves us deeply is the battle against ALS. We support this cause because a legend of Clarenceville was diagnosed with this illness a few years ago. Tim Shaw, a 7 year veteran of the NFL, is that legend and he is currently battling ALS and continues to be a beacon for our school district. As Tim continues to battle ALS, he still supports Clarenceville and the families of the school district. For example, Tim runs football camp that he sponsors and is free to students of the district. This event helps many students throughout the community and is another prime example of Tim giving back to his community. Tim and his family have also started the Shaw Family Educator Award which gives back to dedicated educators in Clarenceville. This past season the stadium at Clarernceville was rededicated to Tim and his family, for all that they have done for the district. The name Shaw Stadium is proudly displayed as a thank you to Tim for his dedication and commitment to Clarenceville.

With that being said we would like to continue to support Tim and his family as he continues to fight for a cure for ALS. Being selected as a "Cause Jersey" winner will help us continue to spread the word and help us show our thanks to Tim Shaw and his family!

Emmerich Manual Basketball - We would like to diabetes awareness/and raise money for the event.

Freeland Alumni Football - We already run a Clash for a Cure game for cancer and use the Addix jersey. I was looking doing an Alumni Game and recognizing all those that built our program to where it is today. We would like to raise funds to help out any Freeland graduate that is going into a college field that gives back to other and might need some help getting there.

Grand Haven Wrestling - Is currently thinking about what cause dual we would like to do!

Hana Softball - Our cause would be ALS and sport would be girls softball. It's affected some of our players personally because a recent soccer coach/mentor who passed on because of ALS, he coached almost till his last days, in his wheelchair and giving hand signs because his speech was not understandable by most because of the disease. His kids played with passion and heart for their coach and it showed! It would be an honor to have our girls play for that cause!

Holland Football - We are trying to start a BE NICE game to bring awareness to mental health/suicide/bullying issues.

Maple Valley Football (Vermontville) - We would like to do do a Parkinsons awareness game for our football team. Our head coach's brother has Parkinsons so we would like to do this for him.

South Putnam Baseball and Softball - Fighting Type 1 Diabetes (KT1D). Providing education and support for the condition. Both our baseball and softball teams will do this on the same night.
Strike Out Type 1 Diabetes (KT1D).

Sparta High School - Would love to acknowledge those we have in our community with special needs and those who work with them.

Trinity High School - This will be a football jersey. We will be dedicating this Jersey to one of our players named Tyler Bova, who is a defensive back and receiver for our Trinity High School Football team. As of last week Tyler lost his Father, Mother, and 11 year old brother in a car accident while on vacation. At the moment Tyler is in critical condition and is fighting for his life. We are praying and believing that Tyler is going to pull through. Tyler was originally given a 20 percent chance to live and each day that goes by he is defying the odds. He has had multiple surgeries and is continuing to fight and recover. This is not shocking to any of his family, coaches, or friends because he has always had a tremendous amount of fight. Tyler embodies everything good about a high school athlete. His work ethic and determination to get better is second to none. He is a coaches dream and does all of the little things right. His attitude, intensity, and effort is contagious and he leads by example. He gives every area of his life 100 percent. We would love to be able to honor Tyler with these new jerseys and reveal the jerseys at a fundraiser game to help Tyler's family with the major expenses coming their way. Our Community has rallied around Tyler in this tough time and it would be very special to be able to dedicate a new team uniform in Tyler's name.

Western Wrestling - We would like to run a cause dual for Rileys Childrens Hospital. We appreciate your support helping us recognize this amazing place.

Military/First Responder Tribute

Algonac Wrestling - We are willing to run a dual meet with the proceeds of the dual meet going to support local veterans and responders. Some of our Wrestling parents are both Medics and active military members.

One of our wrestlers this year lost his mother unexpectedly after his freshman year in high school. She was an EMT and his father was a sniper in special forces.
We would likely have members of the Selfridge Air national guard invited to attend and really advertise this event well to gain as much as we can for charity we choose.

Alma Football - We would like to do a first responder recognition event.

Anchor Bay Football - Military/First Responders

Ash Fork Basketball - Our soccer and volleyball teams usually do the Breast Cancer awareness month for October. This year I would like to honor our veterans for our basketball season since our season begins in November and Veteran's Day is in November. We usually do a lot of support for Cancer, which is awesome, but I'd like to honor first responders and veterans.

Brandon Football (Ortonville) - We plan to host a First Responder and Emergency Personnel game night to honor the loss of our recent school liaison officer and sheriff deputy who was killed in the line of duty in November of 2017.

Bridgeport Football - This will be for a Veterans game to honor those who served this country and for the falling soldiers. I really feel this a positive thing our community. And it will be for our homecoming game. This will be for football.

Carson City-Crystal Football - Military/First Responders

Clio Volleyball - The cause that the Clio High School Volleyball program would like to enter is the Military First/Responder Appreciation.

Coopersville Wrestling - This is for our wrestling program. Our wrestling tournament will honor our military and first reaponders. Each team will wear a uniform that represents a division of the military. No school participating will wear their school uniforms. We will have a grand march and plan to raise money to help our area veterans.

Crossroads Charter Academy Football - We would do a first responder appreciation football game this fall. The money would go to our local fire department and to help them purchase new equipment.

Decatur Central Wrestling - Every year, the Decatur Central High School Wrestling Team sponsors a Military Appreciation dual meet. We take this opportunity to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, as well as to, honor our local current and past military members at the dual. Last year, we sold t-shirts to help raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. We honored two veterans and their families, live, during the event.
If we win your contest, we would like to make this event even more special by wearing designated singlets kept just for the Military Appreciation night.

Durand Football - Every year we organize an "Operation Freedom" game to support out local VFW. All monies raised goes directly to them. We have had to purchase new uniforms for that specific game each year. We raffle off at the VFW, game worn jerseys for each winner. We would love to be able to use Addix for our Operation Freedom game this year!

Fenton Football - Military/First Responder Appreciation.

Fruitport Wrestling - Military/First Responder Appreciation.

Gladstone Football - We want to recognize our veterans. Proceeds from our veterans game go to sponsor vets in our community to take the honor flight to D.C. so they can view the monuments erected to honor their service. This is of particular importance to me because I have a military veteran on my football staff.

Gladwin Football - This is to salute our military and first responders.

Hargrave Military Academy - I think it will be a nice thing for Hargrave Military Academy to do a Military Appreciation Game. We have staff both current and retired that served in different branches of the armed forces. And our community and current cadets would benefit from this greatly.

Harper Creek Basketball - Military/First Responder Appreciation.

Harrison Football - Harrison will be hosting a veterans appreciation football game on 9/14/2018. We are partnering with the local VFW to line the field with 60 American flags. All military veterans get into the game for free.

Hartland Wrestling  - We would be love to support Military/First Responders. Would be great for our our Assembly Dual to start the season with CC.

Hartland Football - We do a USA game every year where we dedicate the game to everyone who has risked their lives or our own. Our school gets really into it and it would be cool to have uniforms to go with it.

Laingsburg Football - Last season we ordered camo jerseys from Healey Sportswear. I'd love to support a Michigan based company this year.

Leto Football - At our high school, we have a very active and successful JROTC program. We have a program of over 200 members. I want to showcase these men and women who are on their way to serve, currently serving, or have served our country. My oldest brother was in the United States Air Force and my Uncle served in the Army so this truly means a lot to me. We also have two of the best leaders of our JROTC program in Lt. Commander Larry Jordan and Sgt Major Carl Brooks. These two men embody what a person in the armed forces is supposed to be. Sgt Major Brooks was actually diagnosed with throat cancer this past school year. He came back to work and still walks the hallways and will give you the biggest "OOORAH!" when he sees you. We just want to raise awareness for the men and women who are in our community who served our country and give them our thanks.

Liberty High School Football - Will be for Football (Pat Tillman Memorial Classic). This year we will be participating in the annual PAT TILLMAN game. Pat Tillman is well know for his dedication to the country forgoing his career in the NFL and joining the military. He was killed in action in April of 2004. He has turned into a huge role model with his dedication to the country while being an incredible athlete. Our school has reached out to Leland High in Ca (where Tillman went to high school) and scheduled a home and home game with them. We have started the tradition of the PAT TILLMAN MEMORIAL CLASSIC. Leland High will be in AZ to play September 14th 2018, then we will go to Ca. to play them in 2019.. This game will get a lot of recognition with the person Pat Tillman was and a game specific jersey would be just the right fit.

Linden Wrestling - Military/First Responder Appreciation.

Little Village Football - This game will be for the Military/First Responder Cause game. Our football team would like to honor the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire Department, along with our local members of the armed forces.

Livonia Franklin Wrestling - Military/First Responder Appreciation.

Maryvale Football - We as a Maryvale community are trying to bridge the gap between community and law enforcement. We believe in early communication between officers and a officials is the key.

Mason Football - Our football team is looking at recognizing military veterans at a game this fall. This will be the first time we have tried this. Our head coach is in his second year and retired from the Air Force.

Mona Shores Football - We have hosted a Military/First Responders game called "Sailor Salute" since 2014.

Montabella Football - Military/First Responder Appreciation.

Montrose (Hill-McCloy) Football - This will be our first Military Appreciation Game. Because of recent events, we will be raising money for Mission22. Along with the game jerseys we are auctioning off 10 additional jerseys. If we got free jerseys we would raise a whole lot more money for Mission22.

New Haven Football - In September every football season we do a game honoring Military and 1st res ponders in our area. The proceeds from the game and pledges go to the wounded warrior project. This will be our 4th year putting the game on. We always acknowledge military personal and their families at the game. We try to give them each a token of our appreciation (game ball, plaque, etc...) along with raising funds for the wounded warrior project.

North Branch Football - For our week #3 varsity football game vs Yale HS on September 7th, we will honor Veterans. Each football player will be wearing a special game jersey with a honored veterans name on it. Following the game we will have a ceremony presenting the worn game jersey to the honored veteran.

Norwalk St. Paul - I have many people who have served in the Army and other branches of the military. Both of my grandpas have served and Vietnam. And one was diagnosed with skin cancer a few years after he got out and eventually passed away. Also I have two brothers serving in the USMC and they would love to get to see me and my family play but they can’t. Them seeing me in this jersey would bring tears to their eyes. I want to make them proud just like they made me.

Nouvel Catholic Football and Soccer - Military Support/Local First Responders-Football and Boys Soccer

Palmetto Ridge - Military/First Responder Appreciation.

Plymouth Christian Academy Basketball - We have game nights during basketball season called “Biggie Friday’s” where we play 4 games in one night with a conference opponent. JV Girls, JV boys, Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys.

I think it may be cool to do a Military/First Responder Appreciation Night and have all four Varsity teams both Home and away in Addix Military/First Responder gear (Similar to what Michigan State and North Carolina in the “Carrier Classic”). All Varsity players for boys and girls would be about 50 people (average of at least 12 per team). So all could be a part of it..and we would be able to extend an invitation to our local military and first responders to attend the game free if charge and donate our gates/concession to a specific organization.

Rock Creek Football - We would love to show support for our military as they are such an important part of our country, and we have many young men that go to the armed forces after high school

Rockford Wrestling - Military/First Responder Appreciation.

Rosehill Christian Football - We recognized local first responders and had members from each branch of the Military as captains and had each branches flag represented on the field. Every player ran out with an American Flag!

Royal Oak Football - Each year we do a "Salute to Service" game to honor our veterans, police officers, firefighters, ems, first responders. We join with another school and make this event one in which we remember those that have paid the ultimate price, as well as honor those that are here serving us today.

Salesian Football - We have a lot of Alumni that are veterans or are currently serving in the military. I feel this would be a great way to honor them.

Shepherd Football - Military/First Responder Appreciation.

Snowflake Football - Our football team for the past four years has done a 9/11 night. Our school allows military and first responders into the game for free. Our entire team will run out on the field with American Flags. At half time our student council does a tribute and has a giant rodeo flag that the students pull for this tribute. This was started by our football players and student council, we as coaches just supported the idea. We don't have the budget to get these jerseys, so winning this would be a big deal to our students and to our football players.
Thank you for your consideration

Sumner Academy Football - The Sumner Academy football program would like to honor several coaches who have served in the military and in police department. We also have many alumni, community members, and supporters who are also first responders that would be invited to this special game.
We want our three coaches to be the most impacted and appreciated with this game. The first is coach is Marcus Nolan. He has completed three tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq and is still active in the Army. Our second coach, Steve Williams, has been a Kansas City, Kansas police officer for almost 30 years and is set to retire in August of 2018. Our last coach is Sumner Academy football's longest tenured coach, Richard Gleichman. Coach Gleichman has been a teacher and coach in Kansas City, Kansas for 50 years. He also served in the armed forces prior to coaching.

Thornapple Kellogg Football - Military/First Responder Appreciation.

U of D Jesuit Wrestling - Military/First Responder Appreciation.

Valley Heights Football - Military/First Responder Appreciation.

Sadler Foundation

Sumner Academy Football - Sumner Academy and the Sumner Academy football program are the embodiment of Michael Sadler. Sumner Academy is a public magnet school in Kansas City, Kansas that serves one of the most diverse and low socioeconomic communities in Kansas. Despite these odds, our students are among the best and brightest our community has to offer. Sumner Academy offers the most academically challenging high school curriculum in the state of Kansas and is regularly recognized as one of the top schools in the region.

Our students also exemplify the high character that Michael Sadler displayed in his life. The young men in our football program are hard working, selfless, talented, and caring individuals.

Sumner Academy and the Sumner football program would be honored to raise money for Michael's foundation in honor of receiving this jersey donation. We look forward to working with you to honor Michael's legacy!

Marinette Soccer - I wish to establish a strong student-athlete image, like the late Michael Sadler, in our school when we take on our rivals,the Peshtigo Bulldogs, in soccer.

Von Steuben Soccer - Senior Day. 

Forest Hills Northern Football - This is the high school that Michael Sadler graduated from. My son Joshua Wierenga is a Senior on the football team and was Michaels ball boy when he kicked for FHN. Joshua also attended games with his mother Karen at MSU and Michael always made time for Josh. Michael was an inspiration not only to my son but many others at FHN. Michael's academic and athletic ability were amazing but his character, humor and love of life were truly amazing. He will forever be remembered at FHN. We want to honor him and the foundation that his mother is so passionate about.

Detroit Renaissance Football

Croswell-Lexington Cross Country - This is for my guys and girls cross-country teams.

Livonia Franklin Wrestling - It will be for wrestling. We are hosting a Christmas-time tournament for a cause.

Gilda's Club Giveback

Auburn Hills Oakland Christian Football - We would have our last home game in conjunction with Senior Night. Each player would have the name of a cancer victim or survivor on the back of their jersey with each player being introduced along with the cancer survivor during pregame.

Chicago Hope Academy Basketball - Breast cancer awareness and Gilda's Club Grand Rapids.game.

Clemente Football - Game for cancer awareness and Gilda's Club Grand Rapids.

Concord Football - Game for cancer awareness and Gilda's Club Grand Rapids.

Fruitport Football - Game for cancer awareness and Gilda's Club Grand Rapids.

Hartford Volleyball - For volleyball, last year we played for our veterans. This year I like to play for people we lost. We all have experienced many losses sonletsbplay for our loved ones that are still in our hearts. ❤️

Leto Football The sport in question is football. Our cause game is for cancer awareness. In conjunction with this we also want to raise awareness for the losses people suffer due to cancer. I always ask my players if they know anyone who has ever been affected by cancer and every time all my kids raise their hands. People suffer losses to this dreadful disease more than normal and it is ok for people to have certain emotions toward it. I lost my father to brain cancer when I was 10 years old. I am currently 29 and it still hurts to this day. To have a group like Gilda’s Club where people do not have to grieve alone, is truly important. The goal of this awareness game is to let people know that it is ok to not be ok and that there is someone here for you always.

Livonia Franklin Wrestling - It will be for wrestling. We are hosting a Christmas-time tournament for a cause.

Lowell (Pink Arrow) - Spanning several sports at LHS, the annual Pink Arrow games raise money for Gilda's Club and local charities. Over 10 years, the Pink Arrow Project has raised over $1.8 million dollars. Players wear a jersey with another person's name on it that has been affected by cancer, or in memory of someone who lost their battle. 

Schoolcraft Basketball - This will be our first cause game for our community and school. It will be a Friday night and will honor those who have gone through the cancer journey, which unfortunately has been prevalent in the lives of our community.