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What is the Addix Great American Giveback

In 2018, the Addix Great American Giveback and Addix Cares, helped various organizations raise over $2 million for causes in their communities. This year, the Addix Great American Giveback returns with a goal of continuing to help promote cause games throughout high schools in the USA. AGAGB is a social media contest that promotes different causes games around the country. By winning the AGAGB, you will be awarded with custom uniforms that uniquely displays your team’s cause.

Addix strives to promote educational athletics and to create opportunities so that all can enjoy participation in sports. Our giveback is open to all sports and there is a Fall, Winter, and Spring sign up. So if you want to do a cause football game, volleyball game, wrestling match, you name it, you can be a part of our contest!

Congratulations to Our Fall 2019 Winners!!!

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Spring Sport Sign Up

About Cause Games

Cause & Awareness related events are growing in popularity around the country and around the world. These events are put on with all or the majority of the proceeds benefiting a non-profit organization or unique need of the game organizers choice. Addix has been honored to participate in assistance in organizing, managing, designing and manufacturing athletic apparel specific to these events which have raised over $2 Million in donations in 2018. We're not stopping now, we are just getting started!  Our uniforms have benefited organizations and charities for cancer awareness, Gilda's Club, The Michael Sadler Foundation, military appreciation, "fighting hunger" games, and much more.

Organizing and managing a cause game and awareness event can be a positive event for your community and an organization of your choosing. We enjoy donating resources to ensure that these events pay for themselves and raise additional funds by selling jerseys and apparel unique to your event. You can even use t-shirts as the fans ticket to the game. 


- Each cause game category will have one winning school. There are three categories in this year’s Great American Giveback. The Red Bracket (football), the White Bracket (football), and the Blue Bracket (Soccer, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Tennis)

- Each winning school will receive cause game uniform items as specified in initial contest email (all must be the same item, example: football jerseys, volleyball jerseys)

- Facebook and Instagram comments are based on UNIQUE votes. You cannot vote for the same program more than once in any category. Any duplicate votes cast by the same person multiple times on either Facebook or Instagram will only be counted once. Each person may vote for one school. These posts will not be available until 7/31.

- Comments cast on Facebook and Instagram on SHARED posts will not be counted. Only comments on the original Addix post will be counted.

- The decisions by the Addix social media team regarding who advances in each round, and the winners, will be final. All of us on the Addix team will thoroughly tally each result at the conclusion of each round and post results after each round.