NEW PRODUCT: Custom Hockey Socks

We are excited to unveil a new product. Custom Hockey socks! These were finalized and tested by our product development team in November, and are now officially ready for teams!

These can be designed as simple or as crazy as you want them. Want the classic stripes look in your teams colors? No problem. Want your logo on them? No problem. Want a pattern on them and your logo? No problem! The possibilities are endless. We can also make hockey socks to match your current jerseys.

Addix hockey socks feature two velcro fasteners, elastic bottoms to cover pads, and heavyweight mock mesh snag resistant polyester fabric. Our hockey socks are unique because of their completely custom components. Every part of the sock (just like our hockey jerseys) is completely custom.

These are perfect for teams looking for a new look, socks to match their jerseys, or simply an alternative look for your uniforms. We’re very excited for the team debut of Addix hockey socks in hockey games and events coming up.

Justin Scott