Previewing Our Great American Giveback Cause Game Winners - Snowflake High School

On September 7th, the Snowflake Lobos Football program in Arizona will take the field for their annual 9/11 Tribute Game against Page High School. This year, there will be a new addition to the game..... custom football jerseys. 

Snowflake was the winner of our Military/First Responder Tribute category of our Great American Giveback. Addix is donating 50 football cause game UEP jerseys to the Lobos for their game. 

Snowflake Fan Jerseys

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"Our 9/11 Tribute Game was started by our players and it has taken off to our student body and our community. It is the best game of the season." - Snowflake HS Assistant Coach Bryan Lang

Here was Snowflake's cause game description: Our football team for the past four years has done a 9/11 night. Our school allows military and first responders into the game for free. Our entire team will run out on the field with American Flags. At half time our student council does a tribute and has a giant rodeo flag that the students pull for this tribute. This was started by our football players and student council, we as coaches just supported the idea.

"We like so many schools in America we always did something special when 9/11 fell on a game night, a few years back as I was organizing what I wanted to do for our varsity football game. Our student council started to organize a special program before the game, at halftime, and after the game. Here are a few pictures and videos from what we call "Heroes Game" where we allow all Veteran's, Active Duty Military, Law Enforcement and Firefighters into the game for free as our school shows our Patriotic Spirit:

So with this opportunity to get special jerseys for this special night, LOBO NATION came together and FOUND A WAY (Lobo Football 2018 Motto) to pull it out!!" - Kevin Standerfer, Snowflake High School Athletic Director

In addition to winning the 50 jerseys, Snowflake High School has a fan jersey store going. Snowflake fans can purchase these fan jerseys. For each fan jersey purchased, $10 will go toward the Snowflake cause. For every replica jersey sold, $20 will go back to the Snowflake cause. Please click below to access the online store. LAST CHANCE TO ORDER IS SUNDAY, AUGUST 19TH.

Snowflake Online Store

Justin Scott