Addix Half-Court Challenge - History Made! Both Students Hit Half-Court Shots.

The Addix Half-Court Challenge is only six weeks old. Prior to this week, 10 schools have tried the challenge. Only one succeeded. Tonight, all that changed!

There was a great atmosphere at NorthPointe Christian High School in Grand Rapids, MI for the ESPN 96.1 Games of the Week between the Mustangs and the Calvin Christian Squires.

We had a lot of students from both schools sign up for the Addix Half-Court Challenge, where each team's student section gets a half-court shot to win 12 free custom uniforms for their varsity boys team and 12 free custom uniforms for their varsity girls team courtesy of us here at Addix. Below were some designs we came up with for both schools. The best part about our uniforms is they can be designed anyway the team would like. We also had fan towels for the game made as well.

Our two randomly-drawn selections were Luke Blickley (NorthPointe Christian) and Turner Terborg (Calvin Christian).

First up was Turner Terborg from Calvin Christian. He got two shots because the Squires won our Twitter contest. As you can tell from his first shot, he didn't need the second.

Luke was definitely not expecting to see that, so the pressure was on. The future Cornerstone University soccer player, with only one shot, made it count.

It was an exciting night to say the least. We can't wait to finalize the designs with both schools, put these into production, and deliver these to both schools. NorthPointe Christian and Calvin Christian now join GR Catholic Central as our three Addix half-court challenge champions.

Follow Up - 2/16/2018

Today we were proud to present our custom uniforms to both schools.

Below: Designs for both schools.

Friday - Calvin Christian and NorthPointe Christian students Turner Terborg and Luke Blickley both hit half court shots in our half court challenge out at the ESPN 96.1 Game of the Week between the Squires and Mustangs. Addix got in contact with coaches and athletic directors to get numbers, names, and sizes.

Monday - Calvin Christian sends in final design tweaks and our graphic design team finalizes the design. Addix works with NorthPointe Christian on some redesigns as they wanted uniforms that would promote cancer awareness and a military tribute.

Tuesday - Calvin Christian confirms the design and it is scheduled into production at 5:00pm. Addix design team finalizes the NorthPointe Christian uniforms. Pink for the girls and camouflage style for the boys.

Wednesday- Production begins on Calvin Christian Unforms. First Calvin Christian uniform rolls off our sublimation printer at 8:00am. The uniforms went through the sublimation process and cutting by 5:00pm. NorthPointe Christian uniform design approved and forwarded to production.

Thursday - Calvin Christian uniforms sewn and moved through our quality inspection and the Calvin Christian uniforms were delivered to the Addix marketing office at 4:14pm. First NorthPointe Christian uniforms roll off our sublimation printer at 3:00pm.

Friday - At 9:30am, the uniforms were delivered to Grandville Calvin Christian High School and their boys and girls basketball teams. At 2:00pm, NorthPointe Christian uniforms were finished being produced and were delivered to NorthPointe Christian High School at 4:00pm. Below is a team captains photo.

Justin Scott