Trinity Stands Together Bova Strong

Photo - Holly Grisson

Photo - Holly Grisson

Trinity, NC - On Saturday, October 13th, Trinity High School in North Carolina debuted their Tyler Tough jerseys for their cause game. Through our Great American Giveback, the Bulldogs won 50 free cause game football jerseys for the event held in honor of teammate Tyler Bova.

Here was Trinity’s cause game description from August: We will be dedicating this Jersey to one of our players named Tyler Bova, who is a defensive back and receiver for our Trinity High School Football team. As of last week Tyler lost his Father, Mother, and 11 year old brother in a car accident while on vacation. At the moment Tyler is in critical condition and is fighting for his life. We are praying and believing that Tyler is going to pull through. Tyler was originally given a 20 percent chance to live and each day that goes by he is defying the odds. He has had multiple surgeries and is continuing to fight and recover. This is not shocking to any of his family, coaches, or friends because he has always had a tremendous amount of fight. Tyler embodies everything good about a high school athlete. His work ethic and determination to get better is second to none. He is a coaches dream and does all of the little things right. His attitude, intensity, and effort is contagious and he leads by example. He gives every area of his life 100 percent. We would love to be able to honor Tyler with these new jerseys and reveal the jerseys at a fundraiser game to help Tyler's family with the major expenses coming their way. Our Community has rallied around Tyler in this tough time and it would be very special to be able to dedicate a new team uniform in Tyler's name. “

The Trinity community rallied behind Tyler and won the social media contest by a landslide, with the most votes across all categories. A total of 1,903 votes more than our 2nd place finisher. Our Addix production team got to work right away as we worked on game jerseys, along with fan jerseys and shirts as well with proceeds going back to the Tyler Tough initiative. On the back of each jersey reads “BOVA STRONG”

"Thank you to Addix Gear and the Great American Giveback for investing in our nation’s schools.  We also want to thank the local community of Trinity, North Carolina for your tremendous effort and enthusiasm in support of this worthy cause. Trinity High School entered this contest to honor a student-athlete who recently suffered a terrible family tragedy.  Thank you again, to Addix Gear, who has provided another opportunity for our community to rally behind our student-athlete. #BuiltTylerTough" - Dr. Brian Toth - Principal Trinity High School 

The Bulldogs went on to win their game against Jordan-Matthews 49-0 in honor of Tyler, number 23, who was watching on the sidelines. You can follow Tyler’s story through the Built Tyler Tough Facebook page. All of us at Addix wish Tyler the best in his recovery. Bova Strong!

Justin Scott