Wrapping Up Our Football Pick Em' Contest

Our first ever Addix contest is now over. In September we made the debut of our college and NFL pick em' contest here on addixgear.com. Each week our participants had to try to outsmart our hard nosed Addix ball coach, Coach Fritz Wilkerson. It was a great success! We had just under 200 people compete over 10 weeks. Only 3 people were able to outpick Coach Fritz over the length of the entire contest! Those three can now call themselves "football pick em' geniuses" and are allowed to wear the below shirt with pride. In addition we have decided those who cracked the top 10 also deserve a t-shirt for their valiant effort. Coach Fritz ended up with 136 points. We will be having a new contest, the Addix Bowl Pick Em' Contest, coming up soon.

Fritz T-shirt.jpg

T-shirt winners...

J. Bellefeuil - 148 (Beat coach fritz)

J. Cheney - 143 (Beat coach fritz)

B. Beaver - 140 (Beat coach fritz)


Ka. Michalak - 136 (Top ten)

L. Langfitt - 136 (Top ten)

K. Sutter - 135 (Top ten)

B. Shuart - 133 (Top ten)

J. Munro - 132 (Top ten)

A. Newell - 131 (Top ten)

E. Schlumpf - 131 (Top ten)

Moving on, we had 10 quarter zip winners over our 10 week contest. These were the individuals who finished in first place each week. They've been busy coming up with some great designs. Those individual winners were Mike Curtis, Spencer Raymond Smith, Jason Bellefeuil (two-time winner), John Hurteau, Keith Thibodeau, Julie Roth, Karen Michalak, Eric Schlumpf, Kate Nordmann, and Eric Fetterly.

Here are some examples of the designs they've made below!

Upper LEvel.jpg


Finally we're happy to announce our GRAND PRIZE winner. They win $1500 of ADDIX spring sports gear that must be donated to a youth team. 

That individual is Brian Beaver. Brian beat the coach in five individual weeks which earned him five entries into our drawing.. We drew entry #147 which was Brian! Congratulations Brian, we can't wait to see which youth team will have their days made.

Beat Coach 3.jpg

Our Grand Prize Winner is Brian Beaver. Congratulations Brian!